Michael House, Director 

A warm and humble Spirit is how many in the Movement describe Director House. Committed to community development and equality for our people. The BWSUSA Midwest Region is in very capable hands. Brother House is a breath of fresh air to the Regional leadership class.



Queen Ella Black, Director 

Director Black initiatives include and economic development within the BWSUSA Northeast Regional states. Determined to leave this place better for future generations we salute her leadership of the Northeast Regional team. 



Paula Chan, Director

Paula  Chan joined Black Wall Street USA in 2003 with the commitment to keep the legacy and history of the original Black Wall Street Tulsa Greenwood district alive. Chan is a trustworthy and generous woman of God. She is an awesome asset to the Movement of the Next 300 Years.



Frank Perkins, Director 

Director Perkins joined Black Wall Street USA in 2017 with the passion and drive to improve upon our Movement in the South Region. The South Region has three States with full state advisory boards of 30+ members with 403 initiatives they include BWS Louisiana, BWS Mississippi and BWS Texas. Arkansas and Oklahoma round out the South Region.



Christian Ferguson, Director 

Black Wall Street USA Southeast members describe Director Ferguson as being experienced, trustworthy and highly spiritual. Director Ferguson has been a member of BWSUSA since 2020. He was promoted from BWS Georgia to BWSUSA Southeast Director in in a very short period of time.



Asa Goldsby, Director 

Director Goldsby has contributed a wealth of information and enlightenment to the members in the BWSUSA Southwest region. Goldsby's power packed initiatives are a force to be reckoned with. The region include the states of: Arizona,  California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada,  New Mexico and Utah.



Khameelah Shabazz, General Consul 

Kahmeelah Shabazz joined Black Wall Street USA in 2016 with the passion and determination to improve import and export activities between the continents. Recent trips to Ghana and Liberia has yielded has so many positive results. Other countries include Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa,  Uganda and Zimbabwe. Shabazz is the Consul General of the Black Wall Street African Council. 




We are seeking an individual in the right Spirit to lead the BWSUSA European Region. Must have detailed knowledge of the history of the Original Black Wall Street Tulsa Greenwood district. And the new director must live in one of the 48 European nations.